Paloma Baptista

With an innovative mind, sales soul, and genuine heart, there is no doubt Paloma Baptista was born to lead. Paloma’s career began at a young age when she embarked on an adventure in the sales field, selling luxury cars. Although it was an environment dominated by men, she quickly emerged as a shining example of feminine strength and resilience. In no time, she became a manager, commanding her own team and achieving all the goals.

Paloma swiftly dispelled any doubts through her exceptional work and unwavering competence. She proved that nothing could stand in the way of her ambitions, and she triumphed, becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Over the years, Paloma became an extraordinary businesswoman renowned for her meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled pursuit of excellence. With a degree in psychology and a unique ability to connect with people deeply, she leverages her empathy to understand clients, discerning their needs and desires.

Paloma’s expertise extends to the management of four Depil Brazil franchises. From negotiating to monitoring, she is the one who makes everything work perfectly. Her abilities enabled her not only to manage but also to have her own franchise in Flower Mound, a testament to her incredible skills as a business leader.

As a co-founder of Beijos Beauty Business and Master, Paloma Baptista is committed to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs. She provides invaluable insights into opening and operating a successful business, guiding them to choose the perfect location, obtain permits and licenses, and devise strategies to be on the top. Paloma’s life and career demonstrate that with confidence, determination, and the right guidance, anyone can achieve their goals and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.


Paloma Baptista
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